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The Sweet Story

This adventure began deep in the heart of Texas. Two spirited girls, Brittany Wiley and Lindsey Jaco, met in class while attending college. The duo realized they had too much in common to not become best friends and have been connected at the hip ever since. Eager to learn and quick to conquer, these southern girls started on their journey together.

After graduation, they packed their bags and passports and traveled the world. Summers in Italy…New York in the fall...and made stops at any beach along the way! Both girls share a love of fashion and anything unique. They worked as image consultants and personal shoppers for ladies of the DFW metropolis.

One lazy, movie-filled Saturday, they were admiring some of the celebrities jewelry, complaining that they could never find affordable, durable, simplistic pieces like the celebs always wore…all it took was that one look at each other and they conjured a new idea. The very next day, they sought out all and any information on jewelry findings, materials, assembly and got to making designs. As for the name of the line, the girl’s family and friends never call the girls by their first names, but by B.B. and Lila and VOILA! B.B.Lila had begun!

B.b.Lila Jewelry’s production team is based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Every piece is designed and delicately handcrafted by Fort Worth's finest. All of the sweet pieces are made with gold filled, vermeil, and sterling silver materials. B.B.Lila's look is has a little bit of everything, whether our shoppers want to keep it simple or get boho with it, we've got ya covered!

This blonde and brunette pair are constantly on the go, traveling, designing, and spreading the jewel love across the beautiful U.S.A!